Community Partners Project (CPP)

Community Partners Project (CPP) for the Macedonian community is founded by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing to provide:

The CPP program offers support and assistance to community and residential aged care providers and community services to improve their knowledge and awareness of the Macedonian culture.

  • Resources to assist residential and community aged care services to cater to the cultural needs of Macedonian aged people
  • Information and referral to mainstream aged care services
  • Support to Macedonian older people through group work support
  • Community development activities
  • Information and education workshops
  • Culturally appropriate resources for older Macedonians

We have developed resources which include a Macedonian Relaxation CD, list of Macedonian common words (PDF 10Kb),Macedonian visualisation tool (PDF 900Kb), Calendar of significant religious days, Book of folk tales(PDF 280Kb), Macedonian Recipe Book (PDF 2.2Mb) and Macedonian Community Directory (PDF 1Mb).

Recently CPP Projec Officer developed a Cultural briefing presentation (PDF 2Mb) about Macedonian community. This cultural briefing is presented to the staff of residential and community care services accross Sydney and its main objective is to promote and facilitate better understanding of the past and present habits and attitudes of the older Macedonians and their carers.

CPP Project Officer also produced a report on the Macedonian traditions and rituals when a person is in the final stages of their life – palliative care for the Macedonian community.

This report is aimed to assist aged care facilities and palliative care units to more appropriately meet the cultural needs of the Macedonian palliative care patients. The report is summarised in a Palliative care presentation (PDF 700Kb) and it aims to explain Macedonian culture in general as well as the customs in relation to death and dying and the complexity of perception of the terminal illnesses in Macedonian community.

All resources on this web page are available for download and distribution to community service providers and aged care facilities in order to help them gain a better understanding of their clients and provide culturally appropriate care. The resources can also be mailed on request.

Other resources developed by the Commonwealth Government and translated in Macedonian about:

Aged Care Assessment Teams (PDF)
Community Aged Care Packages (PDF)
Extended Aged Care at Home (PDF)
Extended Aged Care at Home – Dementia (PDF)
Commonwealth Carelink Centres (PDF)

More resources in Macedonian language can be found on the Centre for Cultural Diversity in Ageing website

Bilingual Options in Aged care (PDF)
CACP Bilingual Client Guide (PDF)
EACH Bilingual Client Guide (PDF)
EACH D Bilingual Client Guide (PDF)
High Care – Residential Care and Services Guide (PDF)
Low Care – Residential Care and Services Guide (PDF)

For more information about the CPP Project please contact
Andrej Naumovski
CPP Project Officer
Ph: 02 9597 5455

For contact information for MAWA Sydney, please visit our Contact Details page.