Welcome to the Macedonian Australian Welfare Association (MAWA) of Sydney Inc website, the only specific welfare service for the Macedonian community for over 35 years.

MAWA operates with an Access and Equity framework, providing education, support and information to the Macedonian community to maximise their access to the social and economic opportunities afforded to other Australians. The Association aims to be free of any political, ideological, religious and any other bias based on race, sex and age.

The primary objectives are to relieve distress, poverty, misfortune, sickness, helplessness and disability among Macedonian people through welfare support, especially for frail older people, people with disabilities and their carers, newly arrived migrants and refugees, young people and women, as well as to provide other welfare assistance/community work to disadvantaged Macedonian people in Sydney.

This specially designed website has been produced as a source of reference for the Macedonian Community in Sydney, for services including: Macedonian Aged Care Improvements & Healthy Ageing Project , Macedonian Carers Support Project, Community Information & Support Service and South West Sydney Multicultural Access & referral service in partnership with TMN

Also we have been working on many Other Community Services, depending of the funding available.

Advancing Multiculturalism by serving the welfare needs of the Macedonian Australian Community in Sydney.

More information is available in our Macedonian Community Directory (PDF 1Mb)